Anti-Valentine's Day

If you hate all the hoopla surrounding Valentine's Day, you're not alone. Recent years have seen a boom in the anti-Valentine's Day card and merchandise market, and you can even buy t-shirts promoting February 14th as "Singles Awareness Day." If you find yourself single on Valentine's Day, or if you're in a couple and still prefer to ignore the overzealous florists, jewelers, confectioners and card makers of the world, you can still make the most of the day--or at least get through it with minimal discomfort. Couples can take the low-key approach (maybe a quiet dinner at home, a movie or a concert) while like-minded single friends can organize an anti-Valentine's Day party or outing--no red or pink or chocolate allowed. Some cities even hold a large-scale anti-Valentine's Day event (search your local listings for information). And by all means, if you're single, don't hesitate to treat yourself to a great meal, a warm bath, a funny movie or something else equally comforting and indulgent. Above all, take comfort in the fact that February 14th is, in the end, just another day.