Big Spender

According to the National Retail Federation, American consumers spend more than $30 million per year on Valentine's Day. Though flowers, candy and chocolate are among the most common (and relatively inexpensive gifts), and the true spirit of the holiday is not about how much money you spend, some of you may decide you want to shell out a little bit more for a gift--after all, nothing is too good for that special someone. For those with unlimited means--a jet? a private island?--pick from this list of outrageously expensive . An unusual find, such as an antique piece of jewelry, a vintage designer dress or jacket or a first-edition book, may be worth that extra money (and time) for the impact it makes. As for jewelry, diamonds are always in style for women, even if they're not going on a certain finger. Alternatively, book a long weekend aways. at a secluded country inn, or some fabulously exotic locale. For suggestions, check out this selection of romantic destination