Photobucket You may say that you want a life with me.
Photobucket But a long with those words comes the lies; no guarantees.
PhotobucketYou may want to hold my hand. You can promise me the world but you can never understand.
Photobucket Love is not a game. A heart is not a toy. Love is between two that feel the same. I have opened up my heart. I have opened up my soul but your ways are tearing me apart. One minute you love me.
PhotobucketAnother you push me away. I don't know what else it could be. Don't say what you don't mean. Just open up your heart.
PhotobucketBecause I am confused and hurting. If there is a chance that I can win, If you can promise that you won't turn away, I will open my heart up to you again just as long as you do what you say.
Photobucket 'Cause I don't want to be the only one to fall in love. Second best for me isn't good enough. I would never let you down. I can offer so much.
PhotobucketBut are you going to be around? You say I am the one you need. I am the one you want to love. But please don't lie to me. Take my heart if that is what you want.
Photobucket I am willing to give it to you. But don't try if that is not what you are tending to do.