The Story of CLAIRE de LUNE

PhotobucketBased on the play by William Shakespeare, as told by Bart Marks

The Duke of Picardy had dreamt of a woman so radiant that her beauty would not fade with the sun.
Late one evening, while out riding his steed, the Duke spotted Claire de Lune, a nymph, dancing in a meadow under the silver light of the moon. Enchanted, the Duke charged after her, but the wily nymph ran into the forest. Recklessly plowing through the tangled grove, the Duke collided with an overhanging tree branch, throwing him from his horse.

Photobucket Undaunted, the Duke scrambled to his feet, chasing the fleeting glimpse of Claire's flowing gown. She seemed to disappear behind one tree trunk - only to reappear from behind another. Still, the Duke followed.

Photobucket Deep within the dark forest, the Duke found himself surrounded by nymphs, each possessing her own mysterious charms. But the Duke only had eyes for Claire. The other nymphs were rendered invisible to him, and the Duke found Claire, begging her to marry him.

Photobucket At last, she relented, but only on the condition that he never question her or ask where she goes. Thoroughly bewitched, the Duke agreed.

Photobucket The wedding night for the Duke and Claire was magical, and the magic continued night after night. Friends and servants of the Duke declared that they had never seen him so happy. But one evening, as the moon began to wane, the Duke awoke to find Claire was no longer with him. He cried out for her, but she did not answer.
In the ensuing days, he could think of nothing but her. He longed for her. Each night, he prayed for her return.

Photobucket And just as a sliver of moon was reborn in the sky, the Duke felt a presence behind him. He turned to find his beloved Claire. He was so overjoyed to see her that he kept his promise not to question her. But the cycle continued, each month Claire disappearing with the waning moon only to reappear as the moon awakened in the sky.