Valentines Day in Present Times

Valentines Day in present times has become a huge craze especially amongst the youth in countries around the world. Those in love start planning for the Valentine's Day celebrations with sweetheart days before the festival while those without a lover start looking for a date so that they are able to celebrate the day in the much-romanticized manner. Hype for the festival is further built up by the media and the rigorous advertising campaign run by the cards and gifts marketers.

Euphoria in the Markets

Euphoria for Valentine's Day can be felt days before the festival when the market places start exuding the spirit of the romantic festival. Shops selling cards, flowers and other romantic gifts can be seen decked with Valentine's Day symbols of hearts, cards, rose and cupid. In modern times, jewelers too, try to lure lovers with attractive schemes and bold displays of innovate and eye-catching jewelry. Florists, who get their best business in this time of the year, lure customers with big and beautiful bouquets of exotic flowers.

Frantic shopping by the Love

Big hype and euphoria for the Valentine's Day festival has made the occasion a multi-million dollar industry. The festival has turned out to be the biggest card-selling holiday after Christmas in US as youngsters prefer to buy not just one but several cards for their sweetheart and also for their parents, teachers, siblings, friends and other loved ones. Of course the festival is not just restricted to cards in the present consumerist society. People also buy loads of chocolates that come in Valentine's Day special romantic packing besides big bouquets of flowers, in spite of the fact that prices of flowers sky rocket on Valentine's Day because of the huge demand. Other popular Valentine's Day gifts include shirts, wallets and perfumes for men and jewelry, jewelry boxes, stuffed toys and romantic show pieces for women. Though most Valentine's Day cards and gifts are delivered by hand those separated by a distance from their beloved on Valentine's Day chose to express their love by sending gifts through various Valentine's Day gift shopping sites. Online shopping on Valentine's Day has therefore turned out to be a big business in modern age of technology