Valentine’s Day 2008 is on February 14, Thursday
Celebrated religiously with gaiety & fervor every year on the auspicious 14th of February, the tradition of Valentine's Day has been consistent since centuries & is marked as a day cherishing love and romance globally. It commemorates the martyrdom of a Christian saint, St. Valentine, who is supposed to be the originator of the festival marked with religious significance.

History & Legends of Valentine's Day

Varied legends are associated with the history of Valentine's Day which is said to have originated during the Roman pagan times. Atleast legends of three or more Saint Valentine of Rome are prominent ones which throws light on the life & history of Valentine or Valentinus lived in Rome in the reign of Emperor Claudius II. As Christianity spread, the Feast of Lupercalia celebrated on !5th February was gradually shifted to 14th & was renamed as St. Valentine's Day to honor the patron saint of love who was martyred on February 14 in 270 AdMany scholars also believe that February 14 was chosen for the celebration of romantic festival of Valentine's Day because of the popular belief in England and France during Middle Ages that February 14 marked the beginning of birds mating season.

Traditions and Customs

Valentine's Day enthusiasm engulf lovers with euphoria, optimism & energy throughout the globe which manifolds the merriment of the occasion. Lovers express their unparalleled & profound love by gifting each other with love souvenirs such as the exchange of love notes in earlier times called 'Valentines' by lovers. This particular tradition became popular ever since it was initiated by the Duke of Orleans, Charles, in 1415 who had sent the first known Valentine Day card to his wife from prison.
Modern culture sees lovers' expressing their love by gifting innumerable gift forms such as flowers, chocolates to name a few, thus, keeping the essence of Valentine's Day alive. However, going out with one's date still remains the most popular culture one would really like to cherish which includes candle light dinners or long drives.

Valentine's Day Celebration

Love is in the air with the commencement of February, a month symbolizing pristine love. Markets wear a festive look adorned with Valentine's Day symbols of roses, hearts, cupids and lovebirds. The spirit of love pervades the very atmosphere & lovers are found thronging parks, restaurants, malls and multiplexes.