PhotobucketTruth or Dare is an entertaining as well as romantic game for Valentine's Day. It is a fun game and usually involves 2 or more players. Given below is how to play truth or dare.
Photobucket * Have all the persons sit around a table. Take a pen or a bottle and spin it around on the table.
* The person, on whom the cap of the bottle or pen stops, is asked to choose between "truth" and "dare".
* The tasks are usually simple and silly. It becomes even more fun when played with close friends.
* The person who performs the task gets to spin the bottle/pen in the next round.

PhotobucketSome questions asked for "truth":
* Who is your dream lover?
* If you could kiss one celebrity, who would it be?
* What is your favorite romantic destination?
* Where did your partner propose you?
* What is your most romantic dream?
PhotobucketSome tasks for "dare":

* Enact the way you were proposed.
* Sing a love song for your beloved.
* Propose your partner again in front of everyone.
* Enact a famous romantic scene.
* Yell out "I am cupid" from the window that faces the street.