Short and sweet "I love you because…" notes are a popular way to tell your beloved why you love them. They can be used even if there is no special occasion. Probably this is what makes it so lovable and special. One can be very expressive with these "I love you because" one-liners as they can be romantic, funny, emotional or just a simple sentence. Here, we give you tips for writing love notes for your beloved whether or not there is a special occasion. It is just because you love them.

Get some stick on notes and write why you love your beloved. It could be anything from "I love you because you make my life meaningful" or just "Because its Wednesday!" Stick them some place that they are sure to find them.

  • Write out some funky one-liners about why you love them and place them in a single line leading from the doorway to the bedroom. As soon as he/she enters, declare your undying love for you beloved and give them a warm surprise.
  • Cut out some 10 business card size pieces of paper and write down 10 reasons why you love your beloved. Hide those cards all over the house. Give a clue in each card where to find the next card and make it look like a treasure hunt.
  • You could make up a poem with "I love you because" as every alternate line, followed by the reason. Make it like a collage and give it to your beloved. You will see your loved one falling in love with you all over again!