PhotobucketHey everyone Do u have any ideas of what ull send as gifts etc. to you girlfriend/boyfriend this coming valentines...and if your partner is away in another part of the country round about that time then what ideas can you give me to send her... something that will light her face up with a beautiful smile, any ideas ? thanks everyone merry xmas xxx =] CHEER UP PEOPLE! lol
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Photobucket 1. i dont even know if ill have a relationship by valentines! you never know what could happen in the future.
2. i always get a valentines..... usually from people who never gets a valentine or sends one because they think i'm a sweet person. Which i can't agree more lol x
. perfume
4. I was away from my boyfriend last valentines day,but i travelled down to him at the weekend to celebrate....this valentines day we will be going for our second scan to see our baby, i dont care if he gets me nothing! seeing that will be good enough!!!!
5. Valentine's Day is just has depressing as Christmas. You are either happy on that day or you aren't. You just never know.
6. yes
7. perfume, or candy
8. I was thinking of getting him a aftershave.
9. I think Chocolate for a girl CD/DVD or something liek that for a boy
10. love is just a misrebal lie