Photobucket When you start to feel lonely - and a little blue
Just think of those words- I've whispered to you.

Photobucket Lips pressed gently- against your ear
"I Love You" escapes- for you to hear.

Photobucket When you feel sadness- and thoughts start to change
Remember our dreams- that we plan to arrange.

Photobucket When you're laying in bed- and just can't sleep
Feel my Heart- its your's to keep.

Photobucket Remember the smiles- and what they're about
Just focus on "Fact"... whenever in doubt.

Photobucket Anything else- is simply not real
Listen to your heart-it hears how I feel.

Photobucket And if you get tempted-and start debating
Be reminded again-for YOU...I am waiting.

Photobucket When thoughts run wild-and you start to wonder
The sun always shines-after all the thunder.

Photobucket And when it gets hard-and you want to give in
Despite all opponents-Love CAN win ; )

Photobucket Hold your head high-feel the Rain through the Drought
Remember my Love... whenever in doubt.