PhotobucketAny relation is bound to have its highs and lows. Sometimes the lows are so low that you end up in a fight. The agony of sulking and being away from your partner is worse than going to Hell. You seem to be blank about how to say sorry. Patching up after a fight has never been so difficult. Read on further to find out ways to apologize to your partner and get your relationship back on track.

PhotobucketThough it may seem odd at first, saying sorry to a loved one has its own benefits. You become more understanding and more tolerant of each other. You can tackle those petty issues that keep cropping up between the two of you without making a big fuss about it. Given below are a few tips to make it even more genuine and romantic. Also, check our related sections on how to apologize to a guy and a girl.

Photobucket * Make sure you don't make a big fuss about saying sorry. It is just one word and remember, it can either make or break your relationship.
Photobucket * Say it with flowers and anything that your partner loves. If she loves dancing, take her out for a slow dance and say you are sorry while she is dancing in your arms. If he loves bowling, go out for a game together and tell him when he has finished striking all pins that you are sorry.
Photobucket * Never start arguing as to who started the fight first. No use looking back on something that is just not worth. Else, you will be back on square one.
Photobucket * Make sure you are genuinely sorry for your mistakes. Don't try to fake up feelings just for the heck of it. Remember, it could happen to you too someday.
Photobucket * Value your partner. Learn to respect his/her feelings and don't do things to hurt him/her deliberately.