The one love letter in which you don't have to think too much and can write with ease is your own story. Writing love story in letter is not only romantic and genuine, it shows how much you value the other person and how you go out of the way to remember the time spent together. Putting down your own love story in love letter also brings back fond memories and makes you realize the true worth of that person in your life. You can actually see how much your life has changed after you found your someone special.

Given here are some long love letter ideas to help you get started on the task of writing one for your beloved!
First things first. Gather all required information you need in the form of an index. It makes the job easier for you. These information could be when and where you met for the first time, the first time you felt the love, the propose, the first time you kissed, etc. make sure it is in order of the time these events took place.

  • Begin with the sweetest opening line for your beloved. You could write "my sweetheart…" followed by his/her name or nickname.
  • Write your love story in simple language, with true heart-felt feelings. It makes a lot of difference.
  • If you can remember dates of particularly memorable events, add them. It makes the letter look even more special.
  • End the letter by telling him/her how important are they to you and how much your life has changed for the better after meeting them. You can also end it with a famous love quote and say this is what you feel for them.