Nothing is classic than giving a love poem to your beloved as a token of your love. It puts forth your feelings and sentiments in an entirely new form, definitely a better one. You need not be William Wordsworth to express your love in the form of a poem. Anyone (who is in love!) can do it and with ease. Read on how to write love poem and get started on writing a romantic "I love you" poem for your beloved.

  • Three things to be kept in mind while writing a love poem are Rhyme, Rhythm and Imagery. Rhyming is essentially to give the poem rhythm and a natural flow. Imagery is when the poem succeeds in creating images in your mind when read.

  • Next, choose a nice title. You could simply name it "our love story". If you can think of anything better, go ahead and use it. It should sound romantic and appealing.

  • You can always use some good quotes in your poems. Either start with one or end with one.
  • Use simple language. It isn't necessary that using biblical English or big bombastic words will look good. True feelings are best if written in simple language.

  • Write about those little things that he/she does which makes them special in their own unique way.
  • Be truthful and put some genuine effort if you want to write a poem that truly impresses your beloved. The effort will be worth it.